Solar installation On Kent Dr. Riverside, CA 92503

The Gonzales family recently purchased a beautiful home with a swimming pool in Riverside. Quickly after the first summer, they noticed heating costs of the swimming pool in addition to their electricity usage is costing them over $400 a month just on electricity. Inner City Skyline received a call from Mr. Gonzales regarding ways of lowering their utility bill.

Inner City Skyline quickly assessed their home with an energy audit. We noticed some of the light bulbs were not LED. We recommended switching out there old bulbs with new LED ones. We calculated that if they install a 7KW solar panel system, they can save $390 a month. That is a significant amount of money to save, in addition to the value you are adding to your home. It was a very easy decision on the Gonzales. Schedule a free estimate with our solar installers in Riverside, CA and get our lowest prices today.

Installing Solar in 92503 Zip Code

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  • Reduced their electricity bill to $10 a month.

  • The Gonzales family reported a tax credit of $8,450 after claiming their new solar panel system in their taxes.