Huntington Beach Roof Repair Contractors (Free Estimates)

 Roof Repairs Huntington Beach

Inner City Skyline, and our team of roofing contractors offer re-roofs and roof repairs for different types of homes in Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA. We specialize in single-family homes, however we do commercial and apartment buildings as well. Our roofing repairs and roof replacement services include some of the basics like roof removals, general carpentry repairs, composite shingles, clay and concrete tile, torch-downs, metal roofs and plywood installation. We use only genuine quality roofing materials industry proven to last. We base our professionalism on honest, quality, and integrity for our roof repair services. We are your best local roofers, so get a free estimate today and see why we are so recommended!

Roof Replacement Services (Free Estimates)

Roofs that are older than 20 years often require roof replacements and our roofers provide the best prices for entire roof replacing in Huntington Beach. Every building and every roof is different, whether its materials, shape or size of the roof itself. Inner City Skyline and our team of roofing specialists have over 28 years of roof replacing experience, making us the best contractors for affordable roofs. We take on complex roof replacements for apartment buildings, attached and detached condominium style. Our roofing contractors offer shingle, clay, tile, and composite materials for roof replacements, from brand named manufactures. Get our best deal today, call now!  

Our roofers assured us that all of our roofs are safe for kittens! We promise! - Schedule your free estimate today.

Skylight Leak Repairs

If you noticed a small leak in your skylight, it might be considered a small repair, or an entire skylight replacement project. Inner City Skyline provides free estimates and one of the best installations for skylights in our community. Pro skylight sealing and sturdy fit is just some of the basic services we provide. Schedule your free estimate to repair or replace your skylight. Interested in installing a new skylight for your home? We do that too. Call Today!

Roof Repairs - Leaky Roofs

Huntington Beach has one of the fewest roofers locally. Inner City Skyline and our team of licensed roofers repair leaky roofs in Huntington Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Laguna Beach and even Lake Forest. 

Leak roofs can be repaired by replacing the shingles, tiles and roof underlayment with new factory approved products that will prevent leaks. Our roofing contractors identify the roof leaks, determine costs efficient ways to replace the damaged area and provide the necessary repairs needed to avoid further damage to your roof. 

We take a few steps towards repairing the damages that might have occurred below your roof.  A leaky roof can damage the attic, insulation, and wood that is directly under the leak. Mold damage and other rote damage can occur from leaky roofs. 

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