Roof Repairs Costa Mesa

Homeowners rarely consider the roof as a project until something goes wrong. Roof repair services in Costa Mesa occurs mostly every 20-30 years depending on the type of roof installed, and how the weather was for the last decade. 

Our Roof Repair Services

We provide roof repairs for all types of roofing in Costa Mesa. We specialize in affordable shingle roofs for homeowners. We provide affordable materials, and our labor is under warranty for up to a certain amount of time. 

If you are interested in a specific material, we have multiple roofing crews that provide both clay tile roofs, and metal roofs for homeowners. We do it all for roofing related projects. 

  • Roof Dormer Repairs and Installation

  • Roof Leak Repairs

  • Full Roof Replacement

  • Roof Vent chalking, sealing and repairs

  • Roof Flashing Repairs

Roof Dormer Repairs

 Costa Mesa is mainly slanted roofs and Spanish Tile Roofs for homes, however, you might get the occasional roof dormer that leaks and causes water damage. Inner City Skyline and our roofers go over and replace the area that is affect with the appropriate roofing materials. Whether your repairing shingles, or clay tiles, process remains the same, replace the damaged area with quality new materials and professional installation. 

Skylight Leaks and Repairing Damages

Skylight installers are often sloppy and rarely install the skylights properly the first time around. That is why most of our roof repair projects often include a leaky skylight. The installation process requires a professional to ensure no cracks, or area are uncovered between the skylight and roof. We provide new chalking and sealing for those skylights that leak. If the glass is cracked it must be replaced. Schedule your free estimate in Costa Mesa to get started today. 

Roof Flashing Repairs

Small project but in combination with a partial roof repairs, which more often then not is needed, we do. Roof flashing get bent, damaged and water seeps through. A licensed and professional can repair and replace your roof flashing in less than a single day. Get started with a free estimate.