Plumbing Repairs Huntington Beach

Inner City Skyline is a one stop shop for remodeling and nothing is more crucial then upgrading your plumbing in Huntington Beach. Plumbing is a project that most homeowners do not consider until a major pipe bursts or toilet keeps overflowing. Inner City Skyline often recommends copper plumbing as its one of the most long lasting products available for your home. Copper plumbing is crucial as its safe, effective, and durable style of plumbing developed in the mid 1950s to replace galvanized plumbing for homeowners. Older homeowners have what is known as galvanized plumbing which have been known to cause harmful health concerns for people. It can be poisonous often times homeowners replace it with durable long lasting Copper plumbing. Schedule a free estimate to get started today in Huntington Beach and nearby. Schedule your plumbing repair services today. 

More Affordable Than Hiring Multiple Trades For your Plumbing Project!
One General Contractor and a hassle free remodeling experience! Saving Homeowners the need to deal with multiple trades.

Benefits of Copper Plumbing?

Copper plumbing is durable, proven to be safe for over 70 plus years. A 50 year warranty is just one of the benefits of Copper plumbing.

Other benefits of copper plumbing are overall value to your home. It increases your home’s value because it’s almost assured that the home will not have any plumbing related issues for long time. That means no need for plumbers to unclog toilets, and sinks. In addition, it’s put together without solvent-based adhesives which are known to cause pollution, destroy the Ozone layer, and contaminate our water supply. If homeowners are still stuck with older pipes, it’s time to replace! Furthermore, copper plumbing withstands both the cold and heat for extreme weather conditions. It’s easily repairable and overall less challenging as other piping systems.


Plumbing Contractors vs General Contractors

What Inner City Skyline does is offer cost efficient and affordable plumbing services for homeowners in Huntington Beach. Whether you’re interested in a full re-piping or partial piping, our plumbing experts and contractors can help you select the option that’s most suitable to your budget. Affordable solutions like PEX Piping can keep costs low and affordable throughout the house. Higher quality materials like copper can assure you that you won’t have to worry about plumbing for over 50 years! Warranty is provided for all work we perform and ensure homeowners our 25 year experiences know that we are professionals.

Call us today to set up a free in-home estimate for your plumbing project. Free Estimates are available for homeowners that are interested in pricing and options for plumbing services in Huntington Beach.