Home Leveling and Settling Foundation

SPECIAL $3,000 In-House Rebates For Foundation Retrofitting! 

Inner City Skyline provide foundation retrofitting and home leveling services for single family homes. We are a full service licensed contractor serving both Los Angeles and Orange County. We provide repair services to foundations that are sinking, that are uneven, and area where the foundation has settled. 

Earthquakes in California are very common and often one of the biggest threats to our homes.  Hillside homes with faulty foundations often crumble first during heavy rains, or strong earthquakes. Schedule your free estimate to get started with one of our experts. 

Reasons To Get Started

  • Protecting your home and Investment

  • Selling your home

  • Buying A new home

Sinking Foundation

Are you interested in repairing your uneven floors? Floors that are slightly sunken are dangerous for homeowners to live in. Anytime a strong earthquake can crumble your foundation and a home that is sinking is at a higher risk for the foundation to fall apart. 

Schedule your free estimate with our home foundation experts if you notice cracks around the house, uneven flooring, exterior cracks, staircase not aligning properly, and more. Up to $3000 in rebates for foundation related projects. 

Home Uneven Foundation

House evening or leveling is the process of lifting your home to the position it once was in by providing fillers and settling the ground its placed on. 

Our house leveling procedure corrects the unevenness while addressing the concerns to why this occurred in the first place. We get to the bottom whether its structural issues, or violate soil conditions, we know how to repair the areas affected while ensuring this wont occur again.