Converting Garage Into Guest House: Our Guide

Interested in converting your garage into a guest house, or rental income? Inner City Skyline and our team of general contractors provide free estimates for garage conversions. Our contractors asses your current garage, do the necessary repairs and start building the addition based off building plans approved by your city. Our free estimate goes over details and cost estimate for traditional garage conversions. Call our offices or fill out our web form to get started.

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Garage conversion Costs (Lowest Prices)

Garage conversion costs are so unpredictable but our general contractor has managed to put a starting range of $19,000 for a full garage conversion. This includes flooring, drywall, electrical, plumbing, fixtures, and insulation for ceiling and walls. On average, our garage conversions ended up being $28,950 for a conservative size garage.

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Garage Conversions Process

Southern California is one of the most densely populated areas due to the rise in population and not enough affordable housing. Homeowners are turning to garage conversions as a means of providing affordable housing to friends, family and even other tenants. Garage conversions require permits and in recent years California has eased restriction for homeowners. Finding a local licensed general contractor for your garage conversions in southern California is easy with our local contractors. Inner City Skyline and our team of general contractors, structural engineers and laborers work together with project managers to make garage conversion dreams come true. As more homeowners are shifting towards garage conversions as an affordable way to build additions, we are eager to help homeowners convert and transform the garage into living area for themselves and rentals.  

Garage Conversions Permits and Process

Garage conversions require permits and a complex system of processes which requires approval and inspections from city officers. The process is outlined below. Most cities in Southern California require the follow steps including Anaheim, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Irvine, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Santa Monica.

  • Submitting Application

  • Reviews and Fees

  • Receiving Permits

  • Job site Visits and Final Approval

Permits are costly and often city official charge for fee that are not even necessary for the type of conversion a homeowner might be seeking to do. When hiring Inner City Skyline, we take care of the permits and are generally included in our price. On average garage conversion permit costs can range from $1,200 - $1,950 depending on city and requirements. Schedule a free estimate to get pricing and information regarding your specific garage conversion addition.

Garage Conversions California Law

Garage conversions are not permitted in every city and navigating the complexity of the situation often requires an experience general contractor that specializes in that particular city. Our licensed general contractors have done a number of garage additions and conversions in numerous cities across Los Angeles and Orange County. We know all the laws, what can and cannot be permitted and what city officials are looking for in a garage conversion. There are parking concerns, and building safety to take into consideration before allowing a garage conversion to be built. Scheduling a free estimate with our experts will ensure you get your questions and concerns address and a working budget to start the project.

Garage Conversion Ideas

There are several ways to utilize your garage in Los Angeles or Orange County. Most homeowners overfill the garage with useless things that should be thrown out, but are too afraid of letting things go. We at Inner City Skyline say let it all go and embrace a clutter free space to add value to your home. Your old things can go and new area can be built to fit your new lifestyle choices.

Family Room or Sports Area

If your home is just too small for a family room, you can convert your garage into a family room to hangout, watch TV, play board games, or any other activities that your family enjoys. We have seen couples convert garages into in home gyms for them to train for marathons, weight lift or get into shape.

Guest house

Homeowners with family living in other states or countries could often use a guest house for when they have family visiting. Inner City Skyline understands this and we build our guest houses with a fully functional but small kitchen and private bathroom with sleeping area. Depending on the size of your garage conversion, up to 6 guests can stay comfortable in 600 sqft guest house.

Converting Garage into Man Cave

If your wife is too bossy and you just cannot get away, converting your garage into a Man Cave can be a great way to enjoy a space designated just for yourself. Get a convertible couch bed to relax on and install a projector for large movie experience. Maybe areas for you to just do as you please, watch sports and just relax. Any way you want to enjoy it, it’s yours to do as you please. You imagine it, let us build it just for you.