Foundation Repair Contractors

Inner City Skyline Inc provides foundation repair services and foundation retrofitting for homeowners in Huntington Beach. We pride ourselves on honest inspections of home foundations and show homeowners how to safely secure their property. Most homeowners understand that California is under earthquake watch due to the chances of a strong earthquake to hit our state. Our foundation repair contractors can walk you through faulty areas of your property and calculate costs for repairs and bolting services. Schedule a free estimate to get started today. 

 Faulty Foundation can destroy our home and your family, get a free quote today.

Faulty Foundation can destroy our home and your family, get a free quote today.

Rebate for Foundation Repairs

Rebates are government programs and private entities that help pay for parts of your project. For foundation retrofitting, Brace and Bolt Program is your best rebate program available for homeowners in Southern California. Take advantage of up to $3000 in rebates for repairing your homes foundation in Orange County.

Signs of Damages for Foundations

Large gaps between windows and doors is a common sign for foundation damage in Huntington Beach. Our contractor can evaluate the damages to ensure the cause is foundation related and show address the core problem before the condition of the house gets worse. 

Uneven flooring is another clue to foundation damages for your home. Those homeowners that are noticing a dip in the flooring, or cracks in the wood, it could be early signs of foundation failing to hold. Schedule a free estimate and have an expert take look. Its free. 

Own a two story home and notice your stairs not aligning properly, or its at a tilt? Inner City Skyline and our team of experts asses homes that have uneven staircases for foundation damages. A small hairline crack or soil settling can cause uneven staircases. 

Are your windows becoming harder to open and close? Windows that get stuck often indicate the building is shifting and a foundation inspection is needed to determine the problem.