Energy Efficiency Remodeling For Homes Huntington Beach, CA

Feel like you are spending too much money on energy costs for your home? Ac keeps running and yet your still uncomfortable? Does the outside feel like the inside during cold temperatures? We are Inner City Skyline, and we provide energy audits for homeowners in Huntington Beach. Find out where air is leaking out, and how we can help fill those gaps, get you the latest in energy efficiency products at the best price.  

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Energy Audit Testimonial

Mandy L.  | Huntington Beach, CA -- "With all the new energy efficient products in the world, why pay more when you can pay less? I would recommend Inner City Skyline to reduce your electrical bill"

Jeffery W. | Anaheim, CA - "Neighbors referred Inner City Skyline for energy audits. We met with John and had a wonderful experience. John was experienced, and quickly estimated costs for replacing our windows, and insulating our attic. Overall great experience with them and would hire again."

Sandra L. | Huntington Beach, CA  - "Sean was my energy auditor for my home in Huntington Beach. He was very detail oriented, and passionate in his work. He discovered cracks near the foundation and estimated repairs for that. Also, replaced my windows and insulation in one side of our house. We are more comfortable, since the home stays cooler longer during summer days. We use less air conditioning and our home is much quieter. Thank you Inner City Skyline, for a great job."

Insulating Home Estimate In Huntington Beach

Insulation is one of the most effective ways of making your home energy efficient in Huntington Beach, CA and our general contractor would love to earn your business with a free estimate. Our insulation specialists provide sound barriers for soundproofing a home, or insulating walls, attic and flooring to better manage the temperature of your home.

For exterior walls, we install R-23 insulation which is rated well for keeping homes cool during summer days. Attic insulation, we provide high grade cellulose R-49 insulation. R-49 grade insulation is the best option for homes in southern California as R-49 grade insulation keeps your home cooler longer during summer days and warmer when you need that heater.

if you are interested in fiberglass insulation for your home in Huntington Beach, we provide that as well. Fully customized for your home, we provide free estimate. if you need help with insulating your home in Huntington Beach, reach out to us today. Mention our website, and how you found us online for a promotional discount.

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Duct Sealing and Duct Repairs in Huntington Beach

Air conditioning units can work all day long to keep your home cool, but without proper duct sealing and insulation, your losing north of 30% on your air conditioning’s efficiency. Airflow often leaks throughout the ducts and finding the imperfections in your duct is work for another day, insulating it will ensure its working at its most optimal level without compromising much on energy efficiency.

Our duct specialists in Huntington Beach work with homeowners to identify areas around your home that can use improvements and where you are losing the most airflow. We have the right tools, and the best energy auditors in Huntington Beach and rest of Orange County. Our duct sealing experts walk through the house and use airflow tools to identify areas that are losing airflow. Then we recommend the right insulation for your home and budget to keep costs low and help you save hundreds of dollars each year by upgrading your insulation.


Installing Energy Star Central Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units are one of the most energy consuming appliance in your home in Huntington Beach. If you haven't invested in a an energy efficient unit that consumes less energy, you are losing out each and every month you use your air conditioning unit.

Energy Star units use up to 40% less energy compared to a decade old air conditioning unit. Even if you upgraded your air conditioning unit, there are still so much more you can do to improve your efficiency. Some of the more popular recommendations are upgrading your thermostat to a smart unit, or insulating your ducts for triple the efficiency.

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Replace Windows to Keep the Home Cool

In the climate of Huntington Beach housing, properties are turned over with improper assets all the time. Homes with builder grade windows are aplenty, which makes them all the more important to replace. There are three rules by which windows are rated on.

  • How much heat can they retain?

  • How much cool air can they keep in?

  • How much natural sunlight do they allow?

Builder grade windows fail on all three. Our contractors can determine the value of any given window with a simple energy audit.

It doesn’t sounds so bad having windows that ‘get the job done,’ up until homeowners realize they’re losing hundreds every year on cooling costs alone.

Finding the Right Energy Audit in Huntington Beach

Inner City Skyline has handled Huntington Beach remodeling needs for over thirty years. We value honest communication and setting a goal for every home we take under our wing.

Contact us to see how an energy audit can make your home more affordable and energy efficient. Schedule a free energy audit today and save big!