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Tired of your old windows not closing properly? Is your home windows damaged from foundation movements, water damage, glass damage, aluminum frames bent or broken? We are Inner City Skyline and we provide repair services and replacements for residential properties in Orange County.

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Residential windows not closing properly?

Whether you have vinyl windows, aluminum windows or wood windows, foundation damages can cause your home windows to not close properly resulting in alignment issues. The most common cause of windows that are difficult to close are foundation related damages that are evident throughout your house. In Orange County, we provide free estimates to repair the root of the problem, and replace your windows with affordable premium energy efficient windows.

Water damage To Residential Windows after Rain

Most homeowners are unaware of the water damage that can occur if the proper precautions are not in place for their windows. Residential window is relatively headache free after installation, but more often than not with age comes leaks. Residential windows can cause water damage to your home if there are cracks and areas that water can enter.

Our window repair contractors provide free estimates after walk through to determine where the leaks are coming from and offering costs solutions for the project.

Our window contractors will ensure the leaks stop and your home is safe from mold once we agree to do the project. Mold can form when homeowners are neglect the leaks and not take action.

Window Glass Replacements

Modern windows are built with thicker glass that are harder to break, and even harder to repair. For most windows, we provide replacement of the entire window itself, instead of repairing just a single pane of the window.

Schedule your free estimate for your window glass replacement today and let us earn your business with 1-2 day installation, and free estimate.  

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