Kelly F.  | San Clemente, CA

“My husband and I wanted to lower our utility bills and decided to get an energy Audit from Inner City Skyline. The representative was so professional, we signed up for solar panels. Now we are paying less than $15 dollars a month and  just bought an electric car with the savings!…”

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James R.  | Yorba Linda, CA

“I am so happy with the results of my solar panel system that I bought from Inner City Skyline. The solar installation was painless. The solar panel system was most affordable. John and I became so close during the installation, we are friends even after the project is done. Great work!…”

Sara L.  | Tustin, CA

“My partner and I just purchased a home with solar but our electricity bill was still high. We had Inner City Skyline come and take a look. The system was producing only 2 KW of energy and we needed double that. We got a deal on new panels and the installation went smoothly. David was wonderful!…”

Micheal H.  | Irvine, CA

“Our roof started falling apart during the heavy rains beginning of the year. We had Inner City Skyline come in and repair the damages, they offered solar panels as well and we took it. Got our roof and solar was 50% off. Overall amazing group of contractors. Thank you…”

Solar Home Installation

Inner City Skyline is one of the best solar installers and licensed contractors in Los Angeles and Orange County. We help homeowners save thousands of dollars by switching to renewable solar energy. We specialize in residential rooftop solar installation, solar panel system installation, and solar water heaters. We have multiple offices all over southern California, and provide work in Los Angeles and Orange county cities.

Whether you need to expand your existing solar panel system, or install new solar panel system, we provide fast installation, help with on grid solar applications, and final connection of your home to your electricity grid. We provide free roof inspection for all solar installation projects. A strong and sturdy roof can help keep costs low for maintenance in the years to come. Schedule your free estimate. Learn how you can save up to 90% on your electricity bill.

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