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Health Risk for Mold Damage In Homes

Healthy risks for mold damage for homeowners in Los Angeles are a big problem and knowing you might have mold can save your life. Homeowners might notice black spots in the bathroom tub, or maybe behind the toilet, but how often do you check under your bathroom or kitchen sink? Most mold tends to form there and can cause headaches, respiratory damage, depression and mood swings.

If you noticed small signs, call us to schedule a free walk through of the area by our expect team of trained mold spotters. Give us a call today to schedule a time.

Mold Inspections Los Angeles

Discovering mold in your house is one of the worst things to deal with as a homeowner in Los Angeles and finding a licensed mold remediation can be difficult. Inner City Skyline Inc can help you identify mold and do lab tests on samples collected to confirm or deny mold in your home.

Scheduling your professional mold test is the only way to confirm if your home has mold in a specific area. Mold is often found in kitchens, bathrooms and near leaks and moist areas. Rescue your home from mold by scheduling a mold inspection in LA.

Things to Know About Black Mold

If you and your family are living in your home that has “black mold”, our professional advice would be to immediately find a safe place to live until you can safely remove the damaged area from your home. Black Mold is said to cause major life threatening health risks including cancer, asthma, and even death among children.

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Mold Inspection In Los Angeles

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