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Inner City Skyline, a professional contractor and landscape designer, helps homeowners remodel their backyards, side yards, and front yards with ease and fluidity. Our teams of qualified specialists help turn their old yards into wonderful area to entertain family and friends. Our landscaping contractors and installers help homeowners with tree removal services, drought landscaping, irrigation systems, retainer walls, sprinkler systems, and fresh SOD Installation.

Our Landscape Contractors can remove your old trees to make room for new landscape design with ease. We have the right tools, expert installers and removal professionals that do this for a living. Free Quotes for all size trees.

Drought landscaping projects for our landscape contractor has become very popular due to the rebate program available from your utility companies. Take advantage today and save thousands!

Irrigation systems like drip systems and sprinklers are a popular part of our landscaping services. We help get you the right size system for your lawn. Professional installation and our latest automation systems make it easy to water your lawn.

Retainer walls are projects that we love to include in our drought landscaping designs. They add dimension to our landscaping designs.

Don’t forget about our SOD installation! Of course it’s not as popular as our drought landscape designs, but we still offer lawn installation for new constructions, new homes, and existing homes.

If you hate the allergies but love the green grass look, don’t forget to contact us for our special rates on artificial turf. All the fun without the allergies.


Gray Water System

Install a Gray Water System for your home and reuse the water that would normally get wasted for your lawn with our custom Gray Water system. Find out how affordable and effortless our gray water system installation is by requesting a free estimate today! Add Gray Water System to your succulent garden and automate the watering to make your lawn truly California friendly!

Succulent Gardens to Impress

Inner City Skyline Inc. provides customization and creative succulent placements for homeowners in Los Angeles and Orange County. Let us remove your lawn, and custom install drought friendly succulents and mulch/wood petals for a truly refreshing design. Ask about our free 3D design for your lawn today!  

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Drought Landscaping Contractors

Concrete Delight

Drought Landscaping and customer stamped concert go hand in hand for homeowners interested in luxury drought landscaping. Our landscape designers use hardscaping and concert design to highlight the succulents in your garden. Concrete planters, stepping stones, or raised gardens are just a few ides we can implement for your home. Try us today!

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